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RedesignIt's no secret that the first thing that a user pays attention to when visiting a website is his external design. Due to the fact that the level of technology development does not stand still and is constantly changing, there are new requirements for the site, its technical characteristics and design, and with it the requests from users are growing, sooner or later the site owner faces the need to improve its a web resource in accordance with the requirements of the time.


Terms of site creationOne of the key issues in choosing a company to design a website is the timing.

What are they made of and why do they differ from company to company?

If you need a template site, the terms, like the price can be low, it depends on the number of improvements for the needs of the company. If your company has already stepped over a typical structure and requires more convenient site opportunities for you personally, then the process can be long and as practice shows it is infinite, it is very important to understand what and at what stage you will get and how high priority this task has.


Creating a blogThe main task of any Internet resource is to provide information, but the way it is served can be varied. Based on this, different types of sites are distinguished, one of which is a blog.

The blog is a portal that combines a diary and a magazine, but unlike paper analogues, the blog enables the author to directly engage in a dialogue with readers.


pet shopThe use of Internet space for the implementation of their services and products is becoming more popular, because the advantages of creating your site in the network are obvious to both the owner of the web resource and its users. This trend has not bypassed and stores that offer products for animals.

Online stores of pet goods can be created both on the basis of an existing regular store with the goal of increasing the number of customers and increasing the level of convenience for customers, and from scratch. In any case, this is a necessary step at the moment, as animal lovers will appreciate the quality web resource and will not spare money for goods for their pets.

Developer's site-directory

What are the features of the site developer?

How much can it cost?

How long does it take?

These 3 basic questions are of interest first. Everything depends on the site's capabilities, design features and the speed of approval of the proposed option.

I'll describe the main features, you can expand to infinity, it is very important to make a scalable system, and then add additional features as needed.


creation of a site of the school of foreign languagesStudying foreign languages ​​is more in demand than ever, as it expands the horizon, opens new opportunities for development and career growth. Currently, there are a huge number of ways to learn languages ​​that have become possible due to the appearance of the Internet. You can quickly find the necessary textbooks and all the additions to them, watch foreign TV channels and films, communicate with native speakers, learn the language with the help of special online services, find a suitable language school the ability to learn languages ​​through the Internet or in the school itself.


creation of a flower shopOne can not but agree that with the advent of the Internet, people's lives have changed radically. The Internet has become the main source of information, whether it has opened up new opportunities for the development of trade and business development. This trend has not bypassed the flower business.

The creation of an online flower store can take place on the basis of an already existing store with the expansion of the customer base or from scratch. Anyway, the recommendations regarding the appearance and its technical characteristics are equally important in both cases.


form of feedback for the siteNo matter how thoughtful the site is, it is impossible to completely exclude the human factor. Often, the user has various kinds of issues, and to resolve them you need to communicate directly with the owner of the site or the seller. For this communication to take place, there is a form of feedback. Regardless of its variety ("Callback", "Ask a Question", "Write to Us, We Are Online!", Etc.), the main task is to respond to the user's request as soon as possible.


site for hotelTravels have become an integral part of life. Thanks to the development of the Internet and the possibilities of modern transport, traveling now is faster and more comfortable than ever. Without leaving home you can buy tickets, book a hotel room, book excursions, read reviews of vacationers, etc.

Anyone after choosing a geographic place of rest proceeds to the next step - choosing a suitable hotel, apartments or hostels in which you can stay. That is why most of the world's hotels (regardless of size) have their own web resource, which allows customers to book a suitable room in advance, and also to choose additional opportunities that the hotel offers.


creation of a souvenir shopThe general trend of the market is that all grown-ups switch to online trading, the souvenir market is no exception. How to properly register a store, what amount of goods should be, how to present the goods that are most profitable to sell?

The store itself should be convenient and understandable, all user actions should be intuitive. A particular problem with the refusal of the buyer is the complexity of the order, not convenient navigation, too many stages of decorating the basket, obsessive banners, broken links and much more, do not always pay attention to it at the beginning, which is very important for sales.

On all pages in the header and basement of the site, there must be contact information, for the convenience of communication, not everyone trusts online orders, or just too lazy to add to the cart, it's easier to call them.