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landing for travel companyMany travel companies are thinking about their one-page website, simply landing. But do not always understand what should be there. We hope that this article will help shed light on this.

Design. A beautiful landscape of the direction that you are engaged in, it is important not to overdo with the number of bright and noteworthy elements, this can divert attention from the main, the company offers. Recognizable logo, it can be used on letterhead, business cards, letters, football blocks and much more. You can add a small animation to create the volume of the picture, but it's important not to overdo it, the best enemy of the good, as you know. There must be a corporate style that will allocate you from a number of competitors.


technical taskWebsite creation is a complex process, which consists of several stages and requires the well-coordinated work of a wide range of specialists. This process always begins with the discussion of the wishes of the customer, the agreement of the terms of execution, the scope of future work and the preparation of the technical task (TOR).

The Terms of Reference is a contract that describes all the details of a future resource and is a guarantee that the customer and the contractor have correctly understood each other. Moreover, the compilation of TK is equally important for both sides.


order site-catalog inexpensivelyWith the advent of the Internet and, at the same time, the creation of a huge number of sites of different orientations, in many cases buyers have no need to leave the house. In order to get acquainted with the goods and services that the company offers, simply look at its website. For the companies engaged in sales, the site-directory is a good solution.

The catalog site is a resource where you can see a listing of goods and services with detailed descriptions and images (often in different angles).


how to properly draft a technical taskIt often happens that the technical task is neglected, considering that this is a waste of time, according to the principle "I already know what I want." The problem is that desires tend to change, and any development is time and all innovations require time. In order to accurately understand the final product, it is important to make a detailed technical assignment.

At each stage of its drafting, it is necessary to detail all the actions in detail, both on the part of the contractor and on the part of the customer. A good technical assignment is keyed by the success in the timely implementation of the project.


restore site after hackingIf your site is hacked, you do not need to panic first, you are not the first and you are not the last. Any innovations on the protection of the system become obsolete with time and the attackers find vulnerabilities.

The more popular the resource becomes, the more often it is hacked, new ways of protection are invented and new ways of breaking, this process is endless.

How to be in this situation?

At least once in 5 years it is important to rewrite your system, very often the purpose of hacking is not your site, but the server on which it is located. Attackers can spam mailing and for your business this can result in a blockage in the search engines for the ip address of the server, then it will take some time to return to its position in the SERP, resulting in a loss in orders and the reputation of the site.


order website business cardIn the conditions of constant competition for the promotion of the services offered, the companies use all the means that are available at the moment. In view of the large number of Internet users, each self-respecting organization has its own web resource.

An excellent solution in this case will be the creation of a business card site, which is a virtual analogue of a paper version and is a small site that contains basic information about the company, the services it provides, the history of its occurrence, etc.


Make an error 404Surely every user at least once faced the situation when after clicking on the link instead of the desired page, a white screen with the inscription "Error 404" (page not found) is displayed. And, as a rule, most users just close this page, and not hitting the main site. And this means that the owner of the web resource loses the potential client, which is extremely unacceptable. That's why it's important not to leave the user alone with the problem and help him to go to the site.


Promotion through social networksCreating your own website is a big step towards increasing the number of customers and making profits, but the mere presence of a web resource does not mean that it will immediately begin to pay dividends to its owner. Without maintaining the efficiency and continuous work on quality, the site will not be able to function properly and compete with similar in terms of resources resources. The site should be visible to the target users, and for this it is necessary to work on its promotion on the Internet. An excellent platform for this is social networks, in which millions of users around the world are registered.


Order a site with good usabilityOne of the factors affecting the conversion of a web resource is the convenience of its use or usability. If the site is difficult to comprehend and incomprehensible from the point of view of searching for the necessary information, then most likely the user will simply close it and take advantage of other more comfortable to use sites with the same subject. That is why at the development stage it is necessary to take into account a number of principles that affect the usability of the site.


Creating websites at affordable pricesAny site at the time of creation is hosted on the server of one hosting company or another, which provides disk space for its storage. Each server, like any other computer, has its own IP address, which consists of a combination of numbers. Searching for sites by IP-address is extremely inconvenient, since hundreds of different web resources can be found on one server.

To identify and quickly find a site on the Internet, use the domain name (name or address of the site), which can be seen in the address bar (for example, Each domain consists of a unique site name (site-town) and a domain zone (.com).