What is a business card site for?

What is a business card site for?

In the conditions of constant competition for the promotion of the services offered, the companies use all the means that are available at the moment. In view of the large number of Internet users, each self-respecting organization has its own web resource.

An excellent solution in this case will be the creation of a business card site, which is a virtual analogue of a paper version and is a small site that contains basic information about the company, the services it provides, the history of its occurrence, etc.

The main features of a business card site are:

Simple functionality, Original design, A small number of pages, Easy management of the site, Visibility and informativeness.

Development of a business card site in contrast to heavily weighted sites with complex functionality (online stores, catalog sites, corporate sites) takes less time and does not require large financial investments.

Creation of a business card site includes the following stages:

Writing a TOR (technical assignment), Harmonization of design, Programming, Filling and progressing.