One of the factors affecting the conversion of a web resource is the convenience of its use or usability. If the site is difficult to comprehend and incomprehensible from the point of view of searching for the necessary information, then most likely the user will simply close it and take advantage of other more comfortable to use sites with the same subject. That is why at the development stage it is necessary to take into account a number of principles that affect the usability of the site:

Fast download speed of a web resource

From the download speed depends on how the user further actions, which is likely to leave the resource, if it is loaded for a long time, and the ranking of the site in the search engines.

Intuitive site structure and easy navigation

The main task is that the user can easily navigate the site without making great efforts. The first thing that a user pays attention to is the site header. The cap should contain important information for users (logo, company description, contact information, search button, menu, etc.). Acquaintance with the site begins with the upper left corner, so it is important to place the company logo there. The logo should be clickable and when clicked, move the user to the main page of the site.

When creating a site, one should strive to ensure that the user does not spend much time searching for the information he is interested in, so for usability of the site the rule of three clicks is used, which consists in the fact that the user finds the necessary information by making no more than three clicks with the mouse.

Laconic design

The design should correspond to the theme of the site and correctly present the contents of the resource. Improperly selected colors, images of poor quality, as well as excessive use of visual effects adversely affect the conversion of the site.

Availability of adaptive design or mobile version of the site

This directly affects the level of usability, since a huge number of users come from mobile devices.

Quality content

The content of the site should be useful, interesting and beautifully designed. The use of images, headings, easy-to-read font makes it easy to perceive textual information and positively affects the degree of site usability.