Terms of site creation

Terms of site creation

One of the key issues in choosing a company to design a website is the timing.

What are they made of and why do they differ from company to company?

If you need a template site, the terms, like the price can be low, it depends on the number of improvements for the needs of the company. If your company has already stepped over a typical structure and requires more convenient site opportunities for you personally, then the process can be long and as practice shows it is infinite, it is very important to understand what and at what stage you will get and how high priority this task has.

If we have a ready-made template and this is quite enough, then the terms are shortened for the time of creation of design and layout, it usually takes at least a month. But if you already have a working business, then the template design does not fit, but you want to do something your own.

If we take as a basis the workpiece (we can offer ready-made systems written by us), the period is significantly reduced, it also depends on the number of individual improvements.

We take the choice of template and procurement, then by the time such a site takes no more than 2 weeks (with minimal corrections), if the individual design and a lot of personal functionality, the period will be from 2 months to infinity, it all depends on the wishes and the development budget.