Technical task

technical taskWebsite creation is a complex process, which consists of several stages and requires the well-coordinated work of a wide range of specialists. This process always begins with the discussion of the wishes of the customer, the agreement of the terms of execution, the scope of future work and the preparation of the technical task (TOR).

The Terms of Reference is a contract that describes all the details of a future resource and is a guarantee that the customer and the contractor have correctly understood each other. Moreover, the compilation of TK is equally important for both sides.

For the customer this means that his ideas and requirements to the site, which are described in the document, will be taken into account and implemented on time, and in case of errors or inconsistencies in the final result, the customer can refer to it and oblige the performer to redo the work .

To the contractor, the availability of TK allows you to correctly estimate the amount and cost of works and better understand what site should end up as a result. It is competently composed technical task, which includes several stages, allows you to accurately understand the timing of execution and not go beyond them.

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