Stages of preparation of the technical task

Stages of preparation of the technical task

It often happens that the technical task is neglected, considering that this is a waste of time, according to the principle "I already know what I want." The problem is that desires tend to change, and any development is time and all innovations require time. In order to accurately understand the final product, it is important to make a detailed technical assignment.

At each stage of its drafting, it is necessary to detail all the actions in detail, both on the part of the contractor and on the part of the customer. A good technical assignment is keyed by the success in the timely implementation of the project.

The main stages of compilation are:

links to favorite sites of competitors, they will be needed to analyze the design and capabilities of services, a detailed description of all the features of each page (if it is a listing of articles, goods, portfolio, etc., then only the main listing and detailed view), the number of design alterations is written (it means the complete redesign of the layout, at the stage of drafting the design), from practice it is usually no more than 2 times, but the quantity is punctured with a margin to reach the desired result, additional technical details, such as whether you need a server (maybe it already exists), whether you need a domain name, whether there will be further support for the service and how much other details, voting of terms. Within the timeframe, all sorts of difficulties are included (long soglossings and other human factors).