Shop for souvenirs

Shop for souvenirs

The general trend of the market is that all grown-ups switch to online trading, the souvenir market is no exception. How to properly register a store, what amount of goods should be, how to present the goods that are most profitable to sell?

The store itself should be convenient and understandable, all user actions should be intuitive. A particular problem with the refusal of the buyer is the complexity of the order, not convenient navigation, too many stages of decorating the basket, obsessive banners, broken links and much more, do not always pay attention to it at the beginning, which is very important for sales.

On all pages in the header and basement of the site, there must be contact information, for the convenience of communication, not everyone trusts online orders, or just too lazy to add to the cart, it's easier to call them.

The main sections of the store are: home page: banners - the latest news, promotional products, information about upcoming events, etc., listing of goods, many are not necessary, it is better to have several series, for example, promotional, the latest news, several categories of goods, several subjects with links to the main listing of goods. catalog: listing of goods broken down by category, filters. For example, for a brand (if there are several), at a price (from and to), by subject, by color and all that relates to the type of products, detailed view of the goods. Full information about the product. It is desirable to make a module of related products, this will draw attention to other products, news. A list of news with a detailed view, about us. The story of the company, better with photos of satisfied and smiling members of the company, delivery. Description of the details of delivery, payment. What types of payment are possible, contacts. Detailed contact information, a point on the map, how to find you and the form of feedback. There can be a lot of sections, only basic ones are described. From the "product catalog" section you can do a lot by applying filters, for example "promotions", "news items", "you will be interested", etc.