It's no secret that the first thing that a user pays attention to when visiting a website is his external design. Due to the fact that the level of technology development does not stand still and is constantly changing, there are new requirements for the site, its technical characteristics and design, and with it the requests from users are growing, sooner or later the site owner faces the need to improve its a web resource in accordance with the requirements of the time.

Typically, every 5 years, you need to change the appearance of the site, its functionality, structure and other indicators. All these actions are called redesign.

Redesign is required in cases where:

Design is obsolete The site is inconvenient for users The site ceased to perform the functions assigned to it (for example, the number of sales decreased, sales ceased altogether) The site loses in comparison with sites of competitors Redesign of the site includes the following stages: Setting the goal of site redesign, analysis of competitors' sites, determining the future appearance of the site Preparation of the technical assignment Directly change the site (design, structure, functionality), fix all existing errors Website promotion in search engines Analysis of the work performed, assessment of the effectiveness of the site

In other words, redesign is not just a change in the appearance of the site, it is a process that requires coordinated work of specialists and includes also a change in the technical indicators of the site aimed at improving its usability, improving the site's ranking and achieving the goals that it faces.