Creating a blog

Creating a blog

The main task of any Internet resource is to provide information, but the way it is served can be varied. Based on this, different types of sites are distinguished, one of which is a blog.

The blog is a portal that combines a diary and a magazine, but unlike paper analogues, the blog enables the author to directly engage in a dialogue with readers.

A blog can perform the following functions:

Function of self-expression (a blog is a way of self-affirmation of the author by publishing his works, thoughts, significant events, photos, etc.) Communicative (through the blog, the author communicates with a wide range of people) Entertaining (reading and writing articles is a type of leisure for people) Psychotherapeutic (the blog is a place for expressing emotions, getting emotional support from other people) Self-promotion function (the blog can become a place of promotion of its services and help increase the client base).

Depending on the topic, narrowly targeted blogs (education, travel, politics, health, beauty, fashion, etc.) and general blogs are distinguished.

In addition, blogs can be personal (they serve as a means of expressing thoughts, ideas of one author), group (contain articles of a large number of authors), corporate (used to publish news of an organization).

By the way information is provided, text, music blogs, photo and video blogs, etc. are also distinguished.

The creation of a blog site includes the following steps:

Choosing a domain name (site name) and hosting (place of location) Selection of the platform on the basis of which the site will be developed Filling a blog site with content (information provided on the site should be interesting and unique) Internal and external optimization of the blog (taking the necessary measures to improve the content of the site and promote it in the search engines.