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creation of a site of the school of foreign languagesStudying foreign languages ​​is more in demand than ever, as it expands the horizon, opens new opportunities for development and career growth. Currently, there are a huge number of ways to learn languages ​​that have become possible due to the appearance of the Internet. You can quickly find the necessary textbooks and all the additions to them, watch foreign TV channels and films, communicate with native speakers, learn the language with the help of special online services, find a suitable language school the ability to learn languages ​​through the Internet or in the school itself.

The site of language courses is the visiting card of the institution, where the future student by default should easily find all the necessary information about the organization, read the programs, prices, etc. The site of the language school should include the following sections:

  • Information about the school itself (the history of the creation, the main direction of the school's work, the methodology, the teaching aids used, etc.).
  • Training programs and their cost (depending on the level of language proficiency, age, number of groups, frequency of classes, language learning objectives). It is good, if it will be possible to pass an online test to determine the level of language proficiency.
  • Information about the teachers (photo, video, education, teaching experience, personal qualities, etc.).
  • Licenses and certificates of both individual teachers and the school as a whole.
  • Reviews of students about the institution.
  • Photo gallery (photo or video of open lessons and other events, school classes, etc.).
  • School contact information.
  • Additional information (stocks, news, useful links, etc.).
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