Landing of a travel company

Landing of a travel company

Many travel companies are thinking about their one-page website, simply landing. But do not always understand what should be there. We hope that this article will help shed light on this.

Design. A beautiful landscape of the direction that you are engaged in, it is important not to overdo with the number of bright and noteworthy elements, this can divert attention from the main, the company offers. Recognizable logo, it can be used on letterhead, business cards, letters, football blocks and much more. You can add a small animation to create the volume of the picture, but it's important not to overdo it, the best enemy of the good, as you know. There must be a corporate style that will allocate you from a number of competitors.


Site header. It has a menu for navigating through sections and necessarily contact information, phone number and email. List of permits. It's important to put it in the first zone of visibility, do not hang it with banners and other secondary information, the task is to sell, so you need to show the product first. Listing of offers and special offers with details of the route, the more details will be written, but at the same time briefly, the more interest in yourself will the proposal attract. There should be a button "learn more" or "order", when clicked, a pop-up window will appear with a form of communication, where you will be able to specify a name, phone and comment. After sending the letter, it will come to your email indicating what exactly interested the client, his contact information and the wish. A small photo gallery of satisfied customers with a rest. Contact details. We duplicate the contact information number from the header, we make an interesting map of the firm's location, this will increase the confidence if the client will know where you are. The feedback form, the customer will be able to send an email from the site to your mail. The basement of the site. Duplicate the information from the site header (add convenience, do not need to rewind to see the phone number or mail), you can add links to partners.

To increase the trust in the organization of mail, it's better to do the format name-domain-name .zone, for example the company has the domain name site-town.com, and the employee's name is Sergeyev Mikhail, mail should be s.michail@site-town.com.