Error 404

Error 404

Surely every user at least once faced the situation when after clicking on the link instead of the desired page, a white screen with the inscription "Error 404" (page not found) is displayed. And, as a rule, most users just close this page, and not hitting the main site. And this means that the owner of the web resource loses the potential client, which is extremely unacceptable. That's why it's important not to leave the user alone with the problem and help him to go to the site.

Error 404 occurs in the following cases:

The page has been deleted, The address of the page has been changed, The user made a mistake in writing the URL address, The user used a broken link.

For whatever reason, there was an error 404, it is necessary to create all conditions so that eventually the user gets on the site. This is possible if the page 404 is correctly formed:

You must specify a link to the main page of the site, a search form or links to popular pages of the resource that might be of interest to the user. The user should understand that the page requested by him does not exist. It is necessary to briefly indicate the reasons and direct the user's attention to the exit of their situation. It is recommended to design the page in the same style as the site itself. It is important to regularly check the site for broken links. You can use additional graphic elements (video, images, etc.).