Adaptive design

Adaptive design

Over the past decade, the world has changed beyond recognition. New technologies and progress in various spheres have made life much more convenient and diverse. The possibilities of communication, movement and speed of information transfer reached unknown to this time peaks. It is worth noting that the rhythm of life has multiplied many times, and with it the changes have touched man and his habits. There was even such a thing as "mobility", i.e. ability to move quickly, adaptability, mobility.

Today, no one is surprised by the opportunities to travel around the world without spending months or even years, every second to keep abreast of the latest news and to conduct online conversations with people who are thousands of miles away. Modern devices have allowed time to do things, even if a person is on the road or just standing in line for coffee or tea. That is why the number of mobile users is growing, and with it the number of mobile or adaptive versions of sites is growing.

So, why do we need mobile versions and what are their advantages? Any self-respecting company now has its own website, the purpose of which is to inform, attract customers, sell goods and services, etc. But even if the site is the most convenient, it does not bring all the bonuses that could bring. The fact is that a huge number of users use mobile devices to enter the Internet and few will want to be on the site for long if the text is so small that it is necessary to bring it closer, and navigation is absolutely inconvenient. Obviously, a huge number of potential visitors and customers will simply leave this site in search of more practical and enjoyable for use, and without ordering goods and services. The proportion of probability that a person will go to this site again is small, which means a huge loss of money and a decline in the popularity of the site and the company as such.

The conclusion is obvious: to make the site on the mobile device convenient, and the download speed is high, you need a mobile version that would work equally easily in all browsers.