Website development

Website development is a time-consuming process that involves coordinated work of several specialists (web designer, layout designer, programmer).

After the site design is approved, all data is transferred to the web designer, whose main task is to create the web pages of the future site. Using various languages ​​(HTML, CSS, JavaScript) translates graphic design elements (fonts, drawings, tables) into a browser-friendly format, i.e. code (a set of symbols, signs and numbers). By means of programs-browsers this code is transformed into a web page familiar to a person. During the work, the layout designer must take into account that the type of device from which a person will go to the site, the screen resolution and the browser version may be different, but in any case the web page should be user-friendly and simple for the user.

The process of creating a websiteOnce the layout is ready, a programmer who is engaged in "reviving" the site is connected to work. The programmer's tasks include writing scripts and algorithms, thanks to which any dynamic changes occur on the site. An indicator of the quality of the programmer's work is how quickly and correctly the site works as a whole.

The work is carried out on our own developments, which allow to achieve the best performance and speed of response.

We do not use standard content management systems, such as Joomla, Bitrix, Wordpress and others. In addition to the advantages of a very fast start, they have a number of big disadvantages, the main disadvantage is the low speed of the site response, many processes in them follow a standard algorithm for these systems and do not allow to give the maximum performance.

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