Web design for the site order and order websiteIn the process of creating a site, one of the most important stages is the design of the external appearance of the site. A site can contain a lot of useful information, but if it is poorly designed and visually unpleasant, then the percentage of probability that the user will be delayed on this site is very small.
So, web design is a process aimed at developing the interface (appearance) of a site and its functionality in the form of menus, caps, graphic elements, etc.

When creating an external site design, several factors need to be considered:

  • The main task of web design is to help the user easily navigate the site and quickly find information, because the site structure and the main menu should be extremely convenient.
  • Web design should correspond to the theme of the site and the features of the target audience.
  • It is extremely important to use the color gamut competently. It should be remembered that flashy colors distract attention from the main content of the site, which means that the design itself will be an obstacle rather than a help for users. Color, like design in general, should help to submit the content of the site in the right way, and not just be an adornment.
  • Excessive number of visual effects is also undesirable. The use of visual technology should be justified and relevant for a particular site, otherwise it only tells about the bad taste of a web designer.
  • It is important to consider the weight of the graphic files. The size of the graphics directly affects the speed of loading the pages of the site.
  • The choice of font depends on the content of the site, first of all you need to make it so that the font size is convenient for the user. You can combine different fonts, but remember that using a large number of different fonts together (more than three) will negatively affect the overall perception of the style of the site.
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