Any successful business always begins with planning. Let's say the team was given the task to build a house, but the object was not pre-engineered, materials, constructions, etc. were not specified. What will come of this as a result?

Designing a site and creating itSo, that the work was not in vain, money and time were not spent in vain, design is necessary. This also concerns the creation of websites.

Designing is the first and most important stage of the site creation, which is aimed at determining the site's goals, collecting all wishes, distributing the work, finding the optimal price and quality condition, etc. At the design stage it is easier to identify many points and correct mistakes, which will save time and money.


Design can be broken down into the following stages:

  • Purpose (is the definition of the purpose of creating a site). It is the goals set at this stage that will guide all subsequent work. All further actions (modeling, development of some new functional, etc.) will be based on these goals.
  • Definition of structure. Convenient navigation, the correct location of information in the end helps the user to easily navigate the site and quickly find the information that he needs.
  • Creating a layout. On the basis of the previous stages, a site model is developed that details the structure of the site, all the elements and the basics of the future design. Then all the materials are transferred to the coder and the programmer for further development of the site.
  • Analysis of site content. Content is the essence of the site, then why people come to it. Before creating the site directly, you need to determine what information will be on the site, for what target audience the site is created, than it will differ from other sites.
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