It's no secret that it is not enough to create an interesting and relevant website from the point of view of content. It is also important that among the huge number of offers on the Internet this site could be found by users.

It is known that any person searches for this or that information through search engines (Yandex, Google, Yahoo!, etc.), entering the query into the search bar, and the sites that correspond to this query are displayed in a certain order. And it is clear that no one will flip through hundreds of pages with sites, and take advantage of what is presented on the first page. And if the site on which the person enters, is competently framed and has convenient navigation, then the user starts to get acquainted with the content.

creation and promotion of sitesTo improve the ranking of the site, raising it to higher positions in the search engines and increasing the number of visitors, optimization is needed, which is carried out both by improving the functionality and quality of content (the internal component of the site), and through external promotion. Based on this, internal and external optimization is distinguished.

Internal optimization takes the most of all the work done, and to make the site really comfortable and attractive, you need to try to look at it through the eyes and visitors. Low download speed, obsessive banners, lack of an adaptive version of the site, low-quality content can negate all efforts to make the site competitive.

Do not neglect also the external optimization, which consists in the acquisition of links to the site from other resources. The presence of the reference mass tells the search engine that the site can be trusted, which in turn will increase the site's ranking.

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